This Week in Healthcare Real Estate – 12.22.17

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Learn By Example
With more than $1 billion in current investment in 17 states, microhospitals are spreading as developers apply lessons learned in the commercial real estate sector to healthcare. These small-scale versions of conventional hospitals are bringing convenient access to care closer to patient populations, similar to the way freestanding emergency departments (EDs) now permeate city landscapes. The two models share many of the same characteristics, as well… healthcare design

The Surgery Center Premium for MOBs
Revista tracks and identifies medical buildings that contain a surgery center. Within our database, surgery centers are a tag rather than a property type as many surgery centers are contained within an MOB, Office w/ Med or even a Retail w/ Med building. So, with regards to transactions, we can track buildings that have a surgery center and compare certain metrics to buildings that do not have a surgery center.The table below shows the median price per square foot (PPSF) for medical office… Revista

Healthcare Has Unique Real Estate Needs
As the delivery of healthcare in the United States and around the world continues to evolve, the real estate needs of healthcare providers become increasingly complex. Trends and industry changes require users and investors of healthcare real estate to make challenging decisions. Colliers International has a team of real estate experts dedicated to the healthcare industry that can identify, analyze, advise and provide solutions for any challenging real estate decision… The Tenant Advisor

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