Healthcare Employment Gains and New Construction Taper Off

Healthcare Employment

BLS: Healthcare Adds 20,200 Jobs in August

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the August 2017 jobs report and healthcare added 20,200  jobs for the month and has risen 328,000 over the year. Hiring in ambulatory care centers tapered off to 11,000 new jobs as compared to 30,400 in July 2017. Hospital Employment also dropped slightly to 6,400 new jobs as compared to 7,400 in July.

Total Healthcare Construction Dips in July According to Census Bureau

The Census Bureau released the July 2017 construction spending totals. The value of healthcare construction put in place in the United States, seasonally adjusted annual rate declined 2.1% in July. Private healthcare construction declined 2.4% in July while public healthcare construction declined 1.3%.  The Census Bureau data conflicts with research firm Dodge Analytics data for healthcare construction in July.  This just goes to show you that data can vary based on methodology.

Healthcare real estate research firm Revista reported $104.4 billion in construction in the healthcare pipeline at Mid-Year 2017.

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